Q. Will Barre Chic classes help me lose weight?

A.) Yes, if you combine Barre Chic classes with a healthy diet you will lose weight and/or create defined muscles. Our instructors have different Barre backgrounds which can help create muscle confusion if you attend multiple classes a week. Muscle confusion is when you regularly change things within your training program including different modes of activity and exercises. This method can be very effective when trying to lose weight and/or tone up. This is GREAT for your body and your muscles!

Q. What makes Barre Chic different from other Barre studios in the area?

A.) Most Barre studios teach a specific type of Barre class. As a result, every class will consist of the same layout and you may feel like you're taking the same class multiple times a week. Here at Barre Chic our instructors are certified in many different Barre formats and this keeps our classes different every day. All of our instructors are great at what they do and are well liked amongst our clients. At Barre Chic you will NEVER take the same class twice.

Q. How long are Barre Chic classes?

A.) Classes range from 30, 50 and 60 minutes. Some days you may only have 30 minutes to work out and that is okay! That is why at Barre Chic we like to offer different class lengths so that we can accommodate all schedules. 

Q. How do I sign up for classes?

  1. Click the button for Login/Register which will open our Mindbody system. Mindbody is the system that we use for class scheduling.

  2. In the "Create an Account" box input your email and follow the instructions. Please fill out all fields.

  3. Once your account is created click on the"Online Store" tab to purchase your new client special.

  4. In the drop down choose classes and then choose the new client special.

  5. Process your payment and begin scheduling your classes!

We require online sign up for all classes to ensure that your space is booked. We kindly ask that you do not show up at the start of class unregistered.

Q.) I've never taken Barre before. Which classes should I start with?

A.) If you are completely new to Barre we recommend that you attend BC BARRE as this are our traditional barre classes. BC ALL BARRE would also be a good one to begin with. This class is a BC BARRE class but done completely at the barre for the duration of the class. We would also recommend trying any of our yoga classes as they are great to pair up with barre classes and will help with strength and flexibility. These classes are designed for all levels and modifications are offered throughout the class. If you have a pre-existing injury be sure to inform your instructor prior to class so that they can give you specific modifications if necessary.

Q. Do I need to sign up online ahead of time to take class? 

A.) Yes. We ask that you sign up ahead of time to reserve your space in class. We may not be able to accommodate walk-ins as classes can fill up quickly. We cannot guarantee there will be a space available for you if you drop in. If a class is full we still encourage you to sign up on the wait list. Our clients like to reserve spaces in their favorite classes well in advance, but sometimes schedules change and spaces open up!

Q.) Can I take class if I’m pregnant?

A. Yes as long as you have already been active prior to your pregnancy! Barre Chic classes are safe for anyone expecting as we offer modifications for all exercises. However, please check with your doctor prior to attending class and please always let us know when you are expecting.  We would recommend that you do not attend any TRX classes while pregnant as many of the exercises are not safe for pregnancy.

Q.) How often should I take class?

A. To receive your best results we recommend that you take class 3-4 (or more) times per week. It is safe to take class every day because we use light weights with low/no impact exercises, and classes are always changing. We also always stretch at the end of class. Taking class once or twice per week is also great if you are looking to feel good and enjoy a fun weekly workout.

Q. Do we have to stretch at the end of every class?

A.) Yes. Stretching at the end of class will help the body safely cool down after working hard during class. Stretching also promotes flexibility which has many benefits including an improved posture, reduced muscle soreness after classes and a decreased risk of low back pain.

Q. What should I bring and wear to class?

A.) Please always bring water, and a yoga mat. We have water and barre socks for purchase and we have a few mats that you can borrow, but do not have enough to accommodate an entire class. You will want to wear fitted clothes so that we can see your form and alignment to ensure your safety. T*Barre*x classes are TRX and Barre combined for a fun filled challenging workout. These classes are done in barre (sticky) socks or bare feet.

Q. How does the Barre Chic rewards program work? 

A) It's simple! Refer a friend, and when they purchase any class pack or membership (not including the new client special) you'll receive a $15 account credit! We will also periodically offer special rewards through Facebook or other social media pages, so keep your eyes open!

Q. How big are your classes?

A.) Class sizes vary depending on the class type. Most of our Barre classes can accommodate up to 18 people, however; our TRX classes only allow for 8 which is why we require online registration prior to attending class.